Tarkine Tiger Mineral Water is sourced from the depths of the Tarkine in far North West Tasmania. It continually filters through 40 meters of dolomite rock to finally surface within 1 kilometer of the Southern Ocean and 22 kilometers from the Cape Grim Weather Station, known to have the cleanest air in the world. This results in a healthy mineral water with naturally high levels of calcium and magnesium.




100% Natural




pH 7.3

pH stands for Potential Of Hydrogen and is vital in assessing water purity:

The scale runs from 0 to 14. The low end, 0 indicates really strong or complete acidity. At the high end, 14 indicates really strong or complete alkalinity. In the middle, 7.0 indicates that the substance is neither acid nor alkaline - it's neutral. Water is considered to be neutral on the scale.


Calcium 66mg/L

Calcium is the most common mineral in the body:

It plays an essential role in blood clotting, bone and tooth formation, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission.

Magnesium 36mg/L

Magnesium is extremely important and essential to the body:

It plays a key role in many processes including energy production, neuromuscular excitability, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, protein and nucleic acid metabolism. Aging, stress and various diseases may increase magnesium requirements. Low levels may contribute to disorders such as osteoporosis, hypertension and atherosclerotic vascular diseases.

Sodium 92mg/L

Sodium is an important electrolyte:

It helps muscles and nerves work properly by assisting muscular contraction and transmission of nerve signals. It also helps regulate blood pressure and volume. Reports show having the proper amount of sodium in the body maintains an appropriate overall balance of bodily fluids. Sodium also helps sustain a regular blood pH level, an important indicator of health.

Potassium 6mg/L

Potassium is a simple mineral with a crucial job:

Helping your heart beat a hundred thousand times a day, potassium helps trigger your heart to squeeze blood throughout your body.